Optimizing National Budget: Strategic Approaches for Civil Service Compensation Reform and Efficient Resource Allocation in Liberia.

The fiscal landscape of Liberia is poised for transformation as the government grapples with the imperative to optimize the national budget for the period spanning January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024. With a total draft budget of US$625.57 million, the allocation of resources must align with strategic priorities to foster national development. A staggering […]

How to ask for a salary increment?

Many of us ask for salary increments because we feel we are doing so much of the heavy lifting and being paid less. We discuss it with our supervisors or HR but nothing comes out of it.  These tips below might help you have a better position when asking. By following these tips, you might […]

Outdated Approach to Human Capital Development in Liberia

We will continue to experience critical talent shortages and face serious human capital development issues in Liberia if we do not strategize on a better Human Resource approach to human talent development, and be more pre-emptive about it. Our approaches to developing talents and human capital are backward-looking, blinkered, and political. We think about developing […]

Victim of First Impression

We all at some point have been victims of first impressions during job interviews.  As a job seeker, you never get a second chance to make a great first impression; always try to do your best to stand out among the many other applicants.  An interviewer will form an imprint of you, your charisma, and […]

Coaching for Performance

The annual staff performance review process should never be a witch-hunt of staff by supervisors or organizations. To get the best out of the process, businesses or organizations need to make the process more inspiring, add more coaching to the process, and increase staff knowledge that will define the business objective. Managers and employees need […]

We are one family at work?

We need to pack and unpack the responses to some interview questions before taking a job. Some of the questions asked by employers are deeply rooted in individuals’ or organizations’ mindsets. If we fail to properly ask because we want a job, we will ensnare ourselves. We are one family: During interviews, you hear from […]

Signs of the End Time with Your Employer

Many of us are in a situation at work where we no longer have confidence in ourselves.  There is the revulsion of waking up at dawn and showing up to work.  We are more fixated on living than thriving at work. The commitment to our employer is no more; we are only still there because […]

Job Interview is NOT an interrogation

Conducting a job interview should not be an interrogation, but an engaging conversation if we want to best out of the candidates. Decades ago I sat for a job interview with a company; the interview questions and processes were more of a crime scene-it was like a detective squeezing my balls to get the truth […]

How are we determining selection criteria?

As HRs or organizations, how are you determining your criteria for selection and how are you developing people for better performance and business results?  Most jobs ask for long years of experience, education, or skills which some job seekers think is unfair for job seekers who fall short of one of the following criteria: Experience, […]

Promoting Decent Work in Liberia

How can we promote “decent work” in Liberia with two different labor instruments governing our employment sectors? The Civil Service Standing Order and the Decent Work Act [2015].  It becomes problematic to implement because decent work  practices of one sector may not apply to the Civil Service Standing Order; thereby repudiating one sector of employees’ […]