The Future of the HR Profession in Liberia

The future for HR in Liberia is bright, and we inflexibly have faith that there has never been a healthier period to be in HR than now. For us as HR professionals to grasp the occasion that the evolving world of work brings will require an innovative HR mindset, skillset, toolset, and heart set to bring on a reframed value proposition and undertaking.
In Liberia, for us to take proprietorship of our HR destiny and future, it need to flinch with rejuvenating our pride in being an HR professional. If we honestly mirror for a second, many of us made our way into HR or picked HR given lower blocks to entry into the profession.
In Liberia, we need HR professionals who choose to work in HR with all its involvedness and gradation; apply future skills, and promote a profession that is ambitious to the next generation when reconnoitring their career prospects.
My point here is not about if there is hope or future for the HR profession, but rather how we as professionals choose to profile it. Let us come together and support the HR Association with all we can to make sure we stand out, the profession stands out. Let us collaborate with other HR firms and colleagues to ensure we keep our professional fraternity alive.


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