OP-ED: Creating Value for HR functions
in the Liberian
Public Sector

The public sector human resources industry in Liberia is entering a critical juncture. Spending plans are tight for the government and human

OP-ED: The Impact of Donald Trump’s Presidency on Liberia and African Job Creation

In January 2006, after the swearing-in of Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf—the first woman elected to be president of any African countryâ.

OP-ED: Persons with Disabilities Deserve to Participate in the Workforce Too

On the streets of our larger cities, you can often see disabled persons directed by children and begging. It often gives the impression that people with disabilities in

OP-ED: Social Media, Employment,
and Dismissal in

Unless you have been hiding in the mountains, you would have heard or read about an employee who has been dismissed because of their interactions on

OP-ED: Controlling the Wage Bill Through Salary

In Liberia, public service pay is categorized into two major trunks. Cabinet ministers directly manage the Special Allowance, completely different from the set salary

OP-ED: Fostering Good
Mental Health in the

Ask an employer or a hiring manager if they will employ a person with a mental health illness and the response will be quite discouraging,

Open Letter to President Weah on the Salary
Reduction Proposal

We want to use this time to congratulate you, President George Manneh Weah, on your ascendancy to the highest office in our country and for your