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GRURS HR Academy

Many organizations going through cultural, technological, economic, organizational, and high-tech transformations, need the right skill set, agility in the mindset, talents to optimize the ways work is done to attract, inspire, and motivate people.

At GURUS HR Consultancy Group, we bring together expertise from different backgrounds and structure in building people’s capacity, and to share our expertise which remains fundamental to our rule of engagement for the business. Our faith in what we do is critical to the accomplishment of development at GURUS HR, for our clients and their industries, 

The focus of GURUS HR Academy is as follow: 

  • Bringing high worth to our customers by working with them in building the required competencies for their employees to help navigate growth in their business
  • GURUS HR Group deliver an applicable and business-centred approach to developing employees
  • At GURUS HR we pay key attention to the improvement of HR Discipline driven by our customized and proven HR solutions in Liberia.
  • We support the transformation of society and community that we are genuinely rooted in through the development of talented individuals who can produce tangible and valuable business results. 

The GURUS HR Academy is not driven by old-fashioned HR knowledge learning. GURUS’ exclusivity in the field of HR and employment law is toted out of the profound tradition relationship with the Association of Liberia Human Resources Association (ALHRP), exclusive familiarity and knowledge within the HR industry in Liberia. GURUS familiarity of her clients their and their HR industries, national frameworks makes it the choice of business and passionate HR enthusiasts.

GURUS HR Academy emphases are on delivering the appropriate and industry-driven HR instructions and growth in HR technology solutions, research, embedded with our approach we build HR thought leaders.

GURUS delivers Human Resources training in carefully chosen subjects as well as an extensive series of tailored teaching solutions for Rudimentary, Intermediary and Progressive HRs. We work with our HR technologists to build HR solutions from the base, customize open-source HR software to the local and organizational context; our solutions provide automation for organization HR departments.

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