Job Interview is NOT an interrogation

Conducting a job interview should not be an interrogation, but an engaging conversation if we want to best out of the candidates. Decades ago I sat for a job interview with a company; the interview questions and processes were more of a crime scene-it was like a detective squeezing my balls to get the truth or left at the mercy of a polygraph machine. The interviewers got me thinking that they needed witnesses –there was total anxiety. 

In my HR career and academic journey in HR; I have practically seen many interviews fail, and fall short of the standards- not being able to attract the best talents because the process was an interrogation rather than an interview.

Some interviews are complete crime scenes. Interviewers engage in interrogation rather than having a professional conversation with the prospective candidates about their suitability for the job. In an interrogation, the truth-finding aspect is lopsided, though, in a job interview, it is, preferably, bilateral. In a job interview, it is correspondingly imperative for the candidate to evaluate the job as it is imperative for the employer to evaluate the candidate.


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