How to ask for a salary increment?

Many of us ask for salary increments because we feel we are doing so much of the heavy lifting and being paid less. We discuss it with our supervisors or HR but nothing comes out of it.  These tips below might help you have a better position when asking.

  • What do you bring to the table? Before you go asking for a salary increment or a raise, you need to bring something valuable to the table or know your worth. It is always good you do some study or background study to establish the pay comparison between other people in your position with your experience.
  • Flexibility in negotiation. Never expect your supervisors or management to immediately or instantly deal with your request for a raise. Always stand ready for negotiation and be willing to stand down and walk away if your request is not met.
  • Map out your achievements. Each time you begin negotiating for a salary raise, try as much as possible to focus on your achievements or accomplishments. What have your positive impressions made of your employer or their business.?
  • Be poised. It is always good to believe in yourself and the value you bring to the table. If you do not trust yourself, am not sure who will trust you.
  • Determination. Many of us give us immediately we do not get an increment; do not give up. Continue doing your good work and eventually, you will be recognized by any good and responsible organization.
  • “Patient Dog most times eats the fattest bone”. Increasing your salary may take time and sweat. Pleases do not expect it to happen in your dream
  • Risks Taking. if you want to earn more money, you need to take menace.  Taking on more responsibility at work, advancing your own career learning new and relevant skills, asking for a promotion, starting your own business, or looking out for another gig contract.
  • Networking. Networking is an inordinate approach to learning about new opportunities and meeting new people, and friends who might have some valuable information that can you in your career or salary increment.  
  • Open-handedness. Many of us are uncaring or parsimonious when we become successful. We fail to look back or give back to people who might need our help-remember, were once down that road. It might not be about cash but could include mentoring, coaching someone, volunteering your time, etc.

By following these tips, you might find them very helpful in your career.

Jonah Soe kotee


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