Signs of the End Time with Your Employer

Many of us are in a situation at work where we no longer have confidence in ourselves.  There is the revulsion of waking up at dawn and showing up to work.  We are more fixated on living than thriving at work.

The commitment to our employer is no more; we are only still there because of survival and not giving our whole selves; the stress and mental issues are just excruciating. We no longer have confidence and trust in the people at work, our colleagues, and the organization systems. The bosses rather are happy for us to do our best and do it right.

Our full potential at work is eroding gradually; there is no competitiveness at work, but rather an opposition team.  Employees’ growth at work is being politicized; equality and social justice at work are only spoken about and not acted upon. Impartiality is a singular commodity; scheming with the professional lives of employees becomes the culture. Reward and recognition at work are constructed on how much gossip reaches the ears of the hierarchy; employees no longer trust one another as their heads are hidden behind the computers.

When we find ourselves in this situation or we notice these end-time signs in the workplace, get ready to take the door. Being in such a situation is like being in a bad relationship with little or no trust. There is fear that when you quit, there will be no better opportunity and love out there.

There are far better peaceful employers out there who value you. Why be victimized, cheapened, or gambled? Is it that we do not have confidence in ourselves? Or we do not know if our potential employer will be the same as the previous one? Sometimes risk-taking is necessary for our future and own good.  


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