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Virtual HR Department

Welcome to GURUS Virtual  Human Resources Department 

Some small orgaizations may not afford to hire a permanent human resources Professionals or create a full HR department, but the organization can still function effectively.  All you might need is someone professional and qualified to support in navigating the intricate employment details,  principles, and human resources policy makes sense for your organization and helps the organization in meeting its deliverables. GURUS HR Department has knowledgeable human resources experts in all areas of HR. GURUS can help you
  • Design and implement tools and systems that define your organization culture
  • Work to inspire and support the vision of your team
  • Categorize the fundamental and urgent HR matter  and on-going human resources matters
  • Design an approach to support organization solve problems
  • Troubleshoot HR concerns before they arise
  • And most outstandingly, supports in the creation of  your organization as a perfect place to work so that you can attract and retain the best of talents
  •  GURUS can provide organizations with the required HR expertise and advice by partnering with you in many different ways.
  • Advice on employment law
  • Handbook development
  Below are our HR Retainer services and packages. Gold HR Retainer The  GURUS Human Resource Gold Retainership is for dedicated professionals who want to progress in resolving their human resources matters. Subscribing to this retainer agreement, GURUS would arrange 1 hour call per week.  The expert will call to identify what issues of human resources might be on the plate of, and that is of maximum importance that week and to discuss and to support. GURUS includes up to two onsite visits per month.  Besides, at GURUS, we are prepared to get involved,  in the trenches with our clients for up to an added two hours monthly on any human resources topics of interest that are important to the organization. The Gold HR Retainer remains  our most comprehensive package and fashions the most exceptional outcomes, simply because organizations or clients more time with  GURUS and provide more direction to work through the HR matters. In addition to this package, GURUS also support her client with employment law matters committing 1 hour minute monthly. Silver HR Retainer GURUS Silver Human Resource Retainer is for self-starters who want to take dependable Human Resource actions of diverse nature that are required in their workplace. The self-started might feel that they do not need to speak weekly to accomplish the tasks. With the Silver HR Retainer option, GURUS schedule three 45-minute calls every two weeks, to get you up to speed, stay on pathway and eradicate hindrances that stand in the way of the monthly report or other HR mothly requirements. Clients would also receive One onsite visit monthly to help with any HR need. The preference for some clients is for GURUS to facilitate meetings or onboarding, or exit processes.  These services are supported by monthly three hours of task assignment. In addition to this package, GURUS also support her client with employment law matters committing 45 minutes monthly. Bronze HR Retainer The Bronze HR Retainer package is structured to support those busy professionals who are not able to devote time for human resources matters, a small nous of reprieve by having some support and guidance during the month. This retainer includes two hours monthly calls and is supported by monthly task delegation of two hours. This package is structured to support clients when needed especially in the areas that they mostly  need it. GURU’s pride itself on being capable of problem-solving and the HR  actions points that will make the maximum transformation in the workplace and GURUS understands and the sense that ahead of time that we can provide the required HR support each month.  In addition to this package, GURUS also support her client with employment law matters committing 45 minutes monthly. GURUS Vitral HR Department GURUS positions itself as your cybernetic HR Department, but with a local and magnetic touch. We are ready to support you with your strategic planning, training and development, recruiting, employee relations, terminations, NASSCORPS/Insurance claims. Hire our Expertise: