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About Gurus HR Consultancy

Gurus Human Resource Consultancy Group ( GUHR) is an ISO 27001 Certified, Labour certified and One-Stop-Shop Liberian Human Resource and labour management Firm. Gurus was established in 2019 in Liberia to provide Human Resource and management services to the private and public sectors, to conduct research, and find solutions to human resources problems in Liberia and globally.

Gurus is the Approved Education Provider (AEP) for the Talent Management Institute in Liberia and the KPI Institute for Performance management and Balanced Scorecard and other Certifications.

Gurus also has the fastest growing job board and Application Tracking System “ Gurus Career” where jobs from across the markets in and out of Liberia are posted; supporting clients with their talent sourcing project.

Every worthy conversation starts with paying attention. Gurus HR Team team of specialized consultants sit with the customers, and listen to their specific and general needs. Based on the conversation with our clients, we assess the situation and recommend strategic human resource solutions that clients can depend on to optimize their business and we can collaboratively work toward achieving positive business results for our clients and partners.

As a Human Resource Consulting Group, we strongly believe in building a rewarding customer service and business partnership experience and maintaining a good reputation, embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion in our work. We work with clients to help them succeed in the competitive business environment. By doing so, we are convinced that nothing we do is more important than finding lasting solutions and breakthroughs for our clients, retaining our clients, maintaining our reputation and developing people.

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